Transitioning To a New World


17-25 October 2019

The tenth edition of the festival summarizes the goal of working with an eye to the past, competence and experience, and one looking to the future to understand the transformations underway.

The rich program has been declined on three main tracks. “The challenge of governance”, the container that addresses issues relating to the themes of geopolitics and international equilibrium, a constantly changing picture, with new actors ready to take the stage and consolidated figures forced to transform themselves or to give way. “The dictatorship of algorithms”, which analyzed the innovations introduced by technology, in particular by the Internet and Artificial Intelligence, capable of simplifying everyday life but also of bringing with them ethical challenges and industrial and geopolitical supremacy, as shown by the issues relating to big data, and mobile communication. Finally, “The parable of growth”, a key to narrating the great theme of sustainable development, which has led the art of diplomacy to face new challenges and specialize in environmental, cultural and commercial negotiation.

In the search for answers to these issues, the Diplomacy Festival wants to contribute by providing suggestions and tools that derive from trust in diplomacy as a structural methodology to facilitate debate and promote cultural exchange between people.