2014: Preventing Conflicts Developing Solutions


With the title "Preventing Conflicts and Elaborating Solutions" the 5th edition o the Festival wanted to highlight how the role of diplomacy is increasingly strategic and central to building a solid culture of peace, registered more than 6,000 presences and was animated by participation of the main protagonists of the national and international scene.

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, 47 appointments were held, divided into debates, round tables, conferences, events and B2B, on topical topics such as new technologies, conflicts that - from Ukraine to Syria, passing through Iraq and the Gaza Strip - are inflaming the planet, the economic crisis, human rights, the global economy and the fight against crime, hosted in the most prestigious institutional and academic venues of the capital. 80 Embassies directly involved and 27 Ambassadors as Speakers of excellence within the various moments of discussion. 6 embassies that have opened their doors to the public to attend conferences and debates on the themes of the Festival. Among the numerous personalities present at the events, the Min. Cons. for Public Affairs of the United States Embassy in Italy, Mrs. Maria E. McKay, and representing foreign embassies in Italy, the ambassadors, H.E. Karlo Sikharulidze (Georgia), H.E. August Parengkuan (Indonesia), H.E. Ahmed Bin Salim Bin Mohammed Baomar (Oman), H.E. Li Ruiyu (Republic of China), H.E. Francisco Elorza Caveng (Spain), S. E. Peter Mc Govern (canada) H.E. Giancarlo Kessler (Switzerland), H.E. Ruth Jacoby (Sweden), S.E. Tehnina Janjua (Pakistan), H.E. Ana Hrustanovic (Serbia), H.E. Miguel Cabas Izquierdo (Mexico), H.E. Ricardo Neiva Tavares (Brazil), H.E. Reinard Schafers (Germany) S.E. Eric Tonye Aworabhi (Nigeria), H.E. Birgers Riis-Jhrgensen (Denmark), H.E. Damir Grubisa (Croatia); SELF. Bjorn T. Grjdeland (Norway), S.E. Datin Paduka Halimah Adbdullah (Malaysia), H.E. Michel Rann (Australia), H.E. Zang Yan (ASEF-Singapore), H.E. Teodore Loko (Benin Holy See) Min. Plen. Victoria Alvarado (USA - Holy See) Min. Plen. Dmitry Shtodin (Russia). And again, from the MAE, the Plenipotentiary Ministers Andrea Perugini and Stefano Baldi, the Ambassadors Luigi Marras, Armando Varricchio, Daniele Verga, Guido Lenzi, Maurizio Melani, Umberto Vattani, the councilor Marco Filippo Tornetta, Senior Arctic Officer, Marco Alberti, Diplomatic Advisor of Enel.

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