2017: Princes and Principles – The geopolitical system to the test of consensus leadership


The eighth edition of the Diplomacy Festival focused its attention on the balance that must be sought between the legitimate expectation of national leaderships capable of acting in defense of citizens and leaderships capable of advancing the international order as a whole in the wake of the universal values of solidarity and justice.

Public opinions are looking for leaders capable of combining the defense of national interests with morally and politically indispensable values of solidarity and international responsibility. The State therefore represents, at the same time, a bulwark to reassure citizens exposed to global phenomena such as migration and to mitigate the evident imbalances induced by globalization, and a starting point for the management of global dynamics that increasingly affect us and from which we cannot and do not want to withdraw.

Combining these two drives often appears difficult, and unfortunately, not infrequently, the solution seems to be the identification of leaders who advocate simple answers to extraordinarily complex problems. The sense of frustration that comes from the gap between promises and solutions weakens our democracies, and leaves us more exposed to the threats and imbalances that need to be addressed.

Taking up the words of Castoriadis, our civilization has stopped questioning itself and no society that forgets the art of asking questions or that allows this art to fall into disuse can hope to find answers to the problems that beset it.