2020: Reset Control – Managing Transformations in a No Compass World


Reset Control or "Reset everything": this is the key phrase that embodies the concept of the eleventh edition of the Diplomacy Festival.

We reset, start over, trying to find the compass that leads us out of uncertainty towards more reassuring ports. It is in these two words that Diplomacy 2020 is condensed, which recounted the challenge sustained through diplomatic confrontation in the era of the pandemic.

A single table for dialogue on the major issues: Green Deal, School, Global governance, Climate and Health in the Covid Era and much more.

A journey through the most urgent topics of current affairs, addressed by some of the main players in the sector, for the first time, through 4 unpublished diplo-channels for 10 non-stop hours a day of in-depth analysis, interviews and comparisons, together with special sessions and exclusive retrospectives, for a total of 90 hours of full immersion between understanding the past and the present, reflection and collective redesign of the future and its scenarios.

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