Atlas of the Changing World. Maps that explain the challenges of our time

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The volatility and unpredictability of events are now elements that characterize our time. Providing a tool to orient oneself among the changes taking place is the purpose of the book “Atlante del mondo che cambia. Le mappe che spiegano le sfide del nostro tempo”, written by Maurizio Molinari, director of the newspaper “La Repubblica”, published by Rizzoli in the series Saggi. In this book, the author uses the most recent tools, such as data analysis and modern cartography, to analyze and explain to the reader the problems of the current geopolitical, economic and social scenario, starting from latent and not latent conflicts, and deepening topics such as climate change and discrimination, up to the pandemic emergency and populism. Molinari traces eight thematic lines on which to articulate his reflections, aiming to provide a key to understanding the peculiarities of today’s society. The Festival of Diplomacy will be the forum during which the dynamics dealt with in the book will be examined in depth, with a focus on future scenarios and collective challenges that will soon have to be answered.

Begin October 14, 2021 H 4:00 pm
End October 14, 2021 H 5:30 pm
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