Brussels effect

today October 14, 2021


For many observers, the European Union has run aground in a deep crisis. Slow growth, political unrest after a decade of austerity, the uncertainty surrounding its future after Brexit and the rise of Asian influence make the EU appear a declining power on the world stage.

With “Brussels Effect”, Anu Bradford argues the opposite. The EU remains an authoritative superpower that shapes the world in its image. By enacting regulations that transform the international economic environment, raising standards around the world, inducing a remarkable Europeanization of many important aspects of global trade, the EU has been able to exert its influence in areas such as competitive politics, privacy of data, online verbal violence, consumer safety and health, environmental protection.

The author of the book published by Franco Angeli Editore dialogues with Cristiano Zagari, expert in negotiation techniques and author with Francesco Tufarelli of “Negoziando. Toolbox for executive classes ”(The Skill Press).

Begin October 14, 2021 H 9:30 am
End October 14, 2021 H 10:00 am
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