Capitalism after the pandemic

today October 20, 2021my_locationIN PRESENZA


The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting health crisis have had important repercussion on societal sector in a whole. In a hyper-globalized world, like today’s one, there have been different negative economic effects. The increase in contagions, on the one hand, and the slowdown in activity, on the other, have contributed to destabilizing the world economy. However, as has often happened in history, crises are a great opportunity to question and discuss strategies to be adopted to reverse the course. One of the most frequently asked questions, at least on the economic front, concerns the capitalist system and its ability to adapt rapidly to change. Much will depend on the choices which policymakers will make, by also looking at the strategies adopted in the past. In fact, the pandemic has increased capital concentrations and social inequalities, and weakened the middle class economically. What solutions should be adopted to spur a recovery in the short term? what are the long-term strategies that which could help to problematize the great challenges of our times, such as debt sustainability, poverty, the future of globalization and the role of states in the governance of economic and financial systems?

Begin October 20, 2021 H 10:30 am
End October 20, 2021 H 12:00 pm
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