Digital transformation: is space a priority?

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“What a blow for us Italians to have lost the opportunity to be at the helm of the European Space Agency”, is how the former vice president of the Italian Space Agency Ezio Bussoletti talks about the missed opportunity of an Italian candidate to become director general of the Agency European Space (ESA).
The latter is made up of 22 Member States whose activities are in competition with that of other countries that instead work independently such as Japan, China, India and Brazil. There is talk of competition because, as was also reported by the latest NATO ministerial, Space is becoming a priority and at the center of international agreements and relations due to its importance in both civil and military matters. On the one hand, space activity gives information of a meteorological type, on transport and on what is happening on the other side of the planet. On the other hand, it is meticulously studied militarily to guarantee the security of countries and prevent possible enemy attacks.
To ensure that the digital transformation, therefore, which involves the modernization of companies to make the most of the impact of new technologies, takes place efficiently, is exploiting the technological developments of space activities recommended? The answer will be provided during the event entitled “Digital transformation: is space a priority?”, Scheduled during the twelfth edition of the diplomacy festival.

Begin October 21, 2021 H 10:00 am
End October 21, 2021 H 11:30 am
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