Round table: Europe post Merkel

today October 15, 2021my_locationON LINE+PRESENZA


After sixteen consecutive years, Angela Merkel has left the German chancellery. Sixteen years in which Germany has gone through economic and social changes and which have made it the leading country of the European Union. These sixteen years of Merkelism have also left their mark in Brussels. A woman able to act as a bridge and to reach compromises between the various European souls. Now is the time to turn the page: the recent election results in Germany do not provide us with any particular indications on which to analyze. The future leadership of post-Merkel Europe cannot be just a mere relay between German leaders. It will be necessary to understand in the near future who will be able to recover the heavy legacy of the former conservative chancellor. Not even a simple remake will be enough, but also a personality capable of putting all the European chancelleries in agreement and obtaining that fundamental legitimacy to guarantee stability in relations between member countries on the main challenges that the European continent is called to face.


Begin October 15, 2021 H 2:30 pm
End October 15, 2021 H 3:30 pm
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