Europe’s Geopolitical Awakening and the need of a Common Defence

today October 21, 2021my_locationIN PRESENZA


Since the 1990s, Europe, according to Max Bergman, has been a “geopolitical non-entity”. With one of the largest economies in the world, a population of 450 million, and a defense spending review comparable to that of Russia, the continent could be a giant on the international stage. But besieged by a chronic economic and political crisis and with severe institutional limitations, the EU has exercised less influence in international affairs over the past 3 decades. However, today, and almost suddenly, Europe seems to wake up from decades of political and economic slumber. The 21st century may not be a European century, but for it to be a liberal century, Europe will have to play an important role.

Begin October 21, 2021 H 4:30 pm
End October 21, 2021 H 6:00 pm
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