Meeting with the writer Jessica Bruder, author of the book “Nomadland”

today October 15, 2021my_locationIN PRESENZA


A tale of a different America, a world that is often not even taken into consideration in the sweetened and unrealistic scenes of Hollywood, a story in which it is possible to find traces of an authentic way of life and on the road as in the texts of Kerouac and the beat generation.
The story is that of a woman, Linda May, who, following the Great Recession, finds herself living in a second-hand van, with which she will travel to different states of America in search of a job. With accurate, realistic accounts of the living conditions in which thousands of Americans are still forced to live, Jessica Bruder transports the reader into a compelling tale and immerses him in an America unknown to most.

Begin October 15, 2021 H 5:30 pm
End October 15, 2021 H 7:00 pm
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