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What if literature were the fundamental tool for the prevention of conflicts? That is the question that the Cassandra Project is trying to answer, developed by the professor Jürgen Wertheimer, thus having the aim of preventing violence through the analysis of literary texts. It is well known the importance of language for the comprehension of crisis and conflicts, but the research of this project highlight not only that literary text are indicator of several kind of “emotional shifts”, but also that they could be more effective than the indicators that are usually used. In fact, according to the researchers who work on this project, from the analysis of the text it is possible to prevent a conflict 5 years in advance. For militaries, a year and half in advanced was an optimum result. The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Defense, took its name by the Trojan priestess of Greek myth Cassandra, who was able to forecast the future but her warnings were ignored by the Trojan population. According to professor Wertheimer, writers have a great talent in perceiving the feeling of society and the conflicts between politicians, furthermore showing a great capacity in describing the world that they have imaged in all its aspects, including fears and hopes of population. Books and novels are in fact able of both corroborate and oppose to existing ideas and feeling towards a given situation. Therefore, the analysis became crucial and the project was able to develop a series of indicators related to a book that allowed to understand the situation in a given country, assigning a value from -1 to +3 to each text for each indicator. The event would therefore focus on the method of research, with a special attention to this new methodology for the prevention of conflicts.

Begin October 14, 2021 H 4:30 pm
End October 14, 2021 H 6:00 pm
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