Round Table: Social responsibility, Company reputation and International Cooperation

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The issue of corporate social responsibility is acquiring an important role in socio-economic debates, given the importance that the multinationals themselves have also acquired as a result of the pandemic period, in which the values ​​of individual companies have increased exponentially. Among these, for example, is Amazon, which recorded a 60% increase in corporate value compared to 2019. The impact that multinationals can have both from a social and environmental point of view cannot be overlooked either by international governments and nor by the companies themselves. A recent report by UNIDO, the United Nations organization for industrial development, highlighted the effectiveness of pressure from governments and civil society against multinationals on numerous issues, including the environment and the exploitation of workers. The strategic value that greater attention on these issues could have for corporations has also been recognized by the multinationals themselves: demonstrating a particular and marked social responsibility could in fact have a positive impact not only on their reputation, but also on revenues. According to a recent survey, in fact, about 67% of consumers who are preparing to buy a car consider the environmental impact a fundamental factor.

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