The Far East Goes Green: Coercive Environmentalism?

today October 20, 2021my_locationIN PRESENZA


The recording of the event will be available on the Festival’s channels from the 20th of October.

The ecological transition and the fight against climate change are two of the major issues of the current political and economic debate. The generalized commitment signed by almost all countries in the world to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, in the light of the increasingly dramatic effects of global warming, is in fact the basis for the establishment of a new socio-economic paradigm that is no longer based on the exploitation of fossil energy sources but which looks to new scenarios that see renewables and recycling as their cornerstones. In this perspective, the choice by the People’s Republic of China to invest in these sectors (the PRC boasts more than a quarter of the hydroelectric capacity installed globally), is confirmed as a winning strategic choice in the medium and long term, making it made one of the leaders in the new scenario that is emerging. Similarly, other Eastern countries, from New Zealand which already in 1991 committed itself to the fight for the environment with the Resource Management Act, to South Korea which is actively engaging in a decisive implementation of renewable sources, have poured out huge resources towards a green turn in their economic policies. In contrast to the massive investments, however, especially as regards the Chinese commitment, the totalitarian element inherent in the government action which on the one hand favors the acceleration of these processes, on the other often puts concrete needs in the background. large sections of the population in compliance with the rhythms imposed by the party.

Begin October 20, 2021 H 2:30 pm
End October 20, 2021 H 4:00 pm
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