The Geopolitics of Tech Competition in a Data-Fueled Future

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What is the dimension of the global digital transformation? Why are data considered the new oil?
The following video answers these and other questions to shed light on today’s tech competition and its impacts.
There were about 45 billion minutes of zoom webinars last year and more data in the digital world than stars in the observable universe. These figures give us an idea of the revolution the world is experiencing. However, its path is not free from obstacles and competitors. Take Europe, for example, and its battle to develop European data servers. Or China-US industrial policy battle to develop the next generation of semiconductors.
But if we think that the future is upon us, we must not forget that half of the world’s population still does not have access to the internet. And that significant reskilling actions will be needed as most workers are not equipped with the necessary knowledge to benefit from this change.
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