The role of Diplomatic Counsellors in International Public-Private Relations

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The fundamental need to ensure the coherence of the international activities of our country and an effective action of connection and direction of the public and private subjects involved in these activities arises both abroad and in Italy. It is the same international context, now characterized by an increasingly fierce competition between “Country Systems”, with all that follows in terms of promotion and defense of interests outside national borders, to require it. These challenges can only be met if the coordination and direction of the various components of the “Italian System” abroad, as contemplated in the Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of August 1, 20086 , is matched by an equally coherent and systemic connection at national level. This is the task carried out by Italian diplomacy through its two networks, the diplomatic-consular network abroad and the Diplomatic Counsellors and other officials working in the private sector in Italy.

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