Will Politics govern again?

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In 2013, the posthumous work of the famous Irish political scientist Peter Mair, “Ruling the Void. The Hollowing of Western Democracy” was published. In this essay, the author explained how the political arena in the West was undergoing a dramatic change: from parties as intermediate bodies between institutions and citizens to electoral cartels. A novelty that has increasingly moved away from political participation and from the polls. In the meantime, supranational institutions, such as the European Union, have assumed greater decision-making weight, while the margin of maneuver of the member states has become increasingly narrow. This trend has contributed to a double effect: on the one hand, the creation of a political elite disconnected from the real country, and on the other, the emergence of those forces known to the press as anti-political or populist. Can politics go back to governing? Recent election results in Germany have highlighted how crucial it is to bring dialogue back to the center of politics.

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