The recent pandemic has struck the whole world by surprise highlighting, among other things, the difficulty of our societies, but also of the States, to face and manage everything that appears to us to be unpredictable. This requires an in-depth reflection on the risk assessment systems on which we rely, on their fragilities and on the means we need to put ourselves in safety. We are not just talking about health and possible future new epidemics: the discourse also extends to epochal phenomena such as migration, world economic crises, terrorism, climate, energy transition, technological innovation and new forms of work. Therefore, both the concepts of shock and of urgency to identify methods to generate mechanisms of change and pro-actively deal with the unexpected, in whatever field it arises, emerge.

“READY FOR THE UNEXPECTED?” is therefore the question of the 2021 Diplomacy Festival, during which different experiences and cultures will be compared, on both sides of the Atlantic, to reflect, discuss and develop a mapping of the changes that are taking place under the thrust of the pandemic and more. In particular, great attention will be given to the choice of the method with which the countries and the great powers will proceed to search for solutions for some of the great problems that are creating uncertainty and instability in the various parts of the world: the dialoguing method of Multilateralism or the dominant tax method. Bilateral in nature, or a combination of the two? By discussing overe these topics we wish to highlight some of the paradigms that will support global governance in the coming years and to stimulate the potential, role and responsibility of the younger generations in democratic participation in the governance of our future, through the promotion of commom values and bilateral cooperation.

The 5 pillars on which this year’s program is based on are:

a) Institutions / Governance
b) Innovation / Technology
c) Youth / Gender / Inequalities
d) Climate / Energy / Global public goods
e) Labor markets / Education