The Diplomacy Festival was born in 2010 from the awareness of the centrality of Rome in the international arena.

In fact, a large international community operates and lives in the city and daily relates itself with citizens and local institutions, in constant interaction with the economic, organizational and cultural structure.

Rome is considered a nerve center for diplomatic relations with its 139 Embassies accredited to the Italian Republic, 78 to the Holy See, 134 to FAO, 73 to San Marino. In addition we must remember the city’s rich network of international organizations, universities, academies and foreign cultural institutions that consolidate the projection of Rome as the first international city in the world.

With a solid relational circuit behind it, the Diplomacy Festival reached its 11th edition in 2020, with the recognition of the Medal of the President of the Republic and thanks to the support and patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Representation in Italy of the Commission and the European Parliament, over 70 Embassies, 9 Universities and numerous scientific partners.