Introduction to Future Studies: global scenarios

The future is often imagined, intuited, prophesied… but can it be studied?

The Winter School “Introduction to Futures Studies: global scenarios”, activated for 2022-2023 by the LUMSA Master School, with the participation of students of the Last Supper of diplomatic and international studies and in collaboration with the Diplomacy Festival, answers this question in the sense affirmative and will accompany the students in the discovery of the “study of future scenarios” thanks to its logical, methodological and technological investigation approaches.

Future studies are a meta-discipline whose goal is to anticipate the great social, technological and cultural changes of civilization and predict their developments through the development of scenarios. The activities will propose the study of global scenarios in the light of energy and employment challenges, demographic and technological challenges and geo-political and economic balances in the national and European context.

The Scientific Committee of the Winter School is made up of Giorgio Bartolomucci, founder and secretary general of the “Festival della Diplomazia”, LUMSA professors Tiziana Di Maio, associate professor of History of International Relations and president of the Degree Course in International Relations, Giovanni Ferri, full professor of political economy and Alberto Lo Presti, associate professor of history of political doctrines.

The Winter School – which provides for five days of training from 20 to 24 February 2023, in the Aula Pia (Jubilee headquarters, in via di Porta Castello 44 in Rome) – issues a certificate of participation to students who have attended at least the 80% of the lessons and have elaborated and discussed the final project work.

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