Carmen Lasorella


Carmen lasorella


She graduated in law from La Sapienza University in Rome with a thesis on the right to information and Radio-TV broadcasting in Italy and abroad. He starts working at Il Globo, a newspaper dealing with politics, economy and culture, and at Radiocor and ANSA agencies. In 1987 she was hired by Rai.

It becomes known following the conduction of Tg2 at 1pm. Its conduction is one of the most viewed editions of the tg of the second Rai network, where he remains a war correspondent for 10 years, even surviving a tragic ambush in Somalia in 1995 in which he is killed Marcello Palmisano. He writes television reports on international crises in Africa, the Middle and Near East, Asia, Latin America. In July 1996 she was appointed head of RAI external relations and assistant to the board of directors and the president, with the position of deputy director. Author and presenter of TV programs on Raiuno and Raidue (Politistrojka; Renaissance, the factory of the future; Tg2 Dossier Notte; Against Aids; For Europe; Cliché; The challenge of Hong Kong; The lakes of blood; The dream of Abramo; PrimaDonna; House visits), from August 1999 to July 2003 he was responsible and correspondent of the RAI office in Berlin, with responsibility for the countries of Eastern Europe.

From May 2008 to October 2012 she was general and editorial director of San Marino RTV.