Catia Tomasetti


Catia Tomasetti

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Catia Tomasetti, born in 1964, graduated with honors in law in Bologna in 1988 and qualified as a lawyer in Italy and in England and Wales. She began her profession in London at the Allen & Overy studio where she had the opportunity to work with the father of Project Finance, Graham Vinter. In 1995 she decided to return to Italy convinced that Project Finance could be the ideal solution for the country’s infrastructural deficiencies and to participate in the first Project Finance operation relating to the construction of a cogeneration plant in Rosignano (LI). Since then she has participated in all the most innovative loans that have allowed the construction of indispensable works for the country, including the construction of the first wind power plant (IVPC-1998), the construction of the first waste-to-energy plant (Trezzo-2000) , the first Tramvia (Florence – 2004), the first underground (Metro 5–2006) and the subsequent complex financing and refinancing operation in project bonds (2015), the first photovoltaic system (Solar Ventures-2007), the first project bond Italian (Andromeda-2010), the first project bond with the new legislation (Cav-2015), the first hydrobond (MM-2016) and the first Italy-France Interconnector (2017).

She has been involved in the working groups for the drafting of decisive regulations for the sector such as the so-called Merloni Law of 1998 and the various reforms, the legislation on Project Bonds (2012-2014) and the so-called standard Spread incentives. She was president of the most important Italian company in the water sector (Acea), guiding the company in the process of total digitization of its services and also held the role of President of the Cesena savings bank.

Over the course of her career, Catia Tomasetti has received numerous leading awards, most recently the “Project Finance Law Firm of the Year” award at the 2017 Legalcommunity Finance Awards and the “Project Finance Lawyer of the Year” award at the 2016 Legalcommunity Energy Awards. .