Daniele Fiorentino


Daniele Fiorentino

Professor, Roma Tre

Daniele Fiorentino is full professor of History of the United States of America at the Roma Tre University, where he is currently Director of the Department of Political Science. Since 2017 he has held the position of Director of CISPEA (Interuniversity Center for Euro-American History and Politics).

Between 1995 and 2002 he was director of the Center for American Studies in Rome, on which he currently operates. He holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Kansas.

He was a two-time Fulbright Scholar in the United States, where he began teaching American history. He deals with relations between Italy and the United States between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He has devoted much of his research to American Indian history and US politics in the American West. Among the many publications, his volume, The United States and the Italian Risorgimento, 1848-1901, Rome, Gangemi, 2013.