Grammenos Mastrojeni


Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean

Italian diplomat. Since the early nineties he has undertaken reflection and a series of researches on the then misunderstood link between environmental protection, human cohesion, peace and security: he published the first article on the interconnection between environment and social stability in 1994, anticipating the first official alarm that emerged in 1997 with the Geo-1 report edited by the United Nations Environment Programme. His first monograph on the subject, The Indissoluble Cycle. Peace, Environment, Development and Freedom, was published in 2002. He has taught Conflict Resolution in several universities, in Italy and abroad and, in 2009, Ottawa University in Canada entrusted him with the first teaching activity activated by a university on Environment, Resources and Geostrategy, a subject he continues to teach. He collaborates with the Climate Reality Project, an initiative aimed at spreading awareness of climate change risks launched by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. His publications include: The Unbreakable Cycle. Peace, environment, development and freedom in the global balance (Vita e pensiero 2002); I segni dei tempi (Mursia 2006); L’ ecorivoluzione necessaria (Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane 2008); L’ arca di Noè. To save us all together (Chiarelettere 2014); Effetto serra effetto guerra. Climate, conflicts, migrations: Italy in the front line (Chiarelettere 2017 – second edition 2019).