Lucio Battistotti


Carlo Corazza

Former manager of the European Union and the European Commission

Lucio Battistotti has been director of the European Commission Representation in Italy since 1 September 2009. He was Head of Unit of DG Employment with tasks of managing the European Social Fund (ESF) in Spain, Denmark and Finland. He also held various management positions in DG Employment where he was responsible for the ESF audit in the EU Member States.

In 2001-2003 Battistotti was acting head of the Representation in Italy. In the previous five years he was Deputy Director of the Representation in Rome with delegation to the Italian Regions and the Italian Parliament. He was also responsible for the EURO communication campaign and economic affairs.

He joined the European Commission in 1983 and held various responsibilities in DG Financial Control in charge of auditing the EU’s Structural Funds. In 1995 he was also called to join the cabinet of the European Commissioner Emma Bonino. Graduated in political science from the University of Padua and has contributed to several Italian publications on economics. He also collaborates with the master’s program in European integration of the University of Padua.