Sarah Varetto


Sarah Varetto

Opinionist and manager Sky TG24

Sarah Eugenia Varetto (Turin, January 18, 1972) is an Italian journalist and business executive.

He is Executive Vice President Communication, Inclusion and Bigger Picture of Sky Italia. She was the director of Sky Tg24 for 8 years. Graduated in Law, she was the author and host of economics and current affairs programs for Rai, La7, Sky.

After starting her journalistic career in 1992 as a collaborator of the local Piedmontese broadcaster GRP (Giornale Televisivo del Piemonte), in 1999 she received the “Casalegno Giovani” award and in March 2000 she became a professional journalist.

After an experience at RAI with programs on Rai 3, Rai 2 and Rai News conducted by Alan Friedman, he founded with him in 2000 a journalistic web portal dedicated to the economy called “”, which in 2002 also became a television program on LA7.

In 2003 she joined Sky TG24 as editor-in-chief, responsible for the economics column Sky TG 24 Economia. In October 2009 she was awarded the “Tular Prize”.

On 4 July 2011 she was appointed Director of the Sky TG24 magazine, taking over from Emilio Carelli. Under his direction, the channel affirms itself as the first all news channel for audience ratings in Italy also thanks to the launch of Sky TG24 on digital terrestrial; he made the first comparison in the X Factor studio, recording record audiences with 1.9 million viewers and a share of 6.22% and entering a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. He will remain in office until the end of 2018.

Since 1 January 2019 she has been responsible for the journalistic projects of the Sky group for all the countries of continental Europe.

In 2020 Sarah Varetto assumed the role of Executive Vice President Communication, Inclusion and Bigger Picture of Sky Italia. The new management is divided into four areas: Editorial & Product Communication, Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Diversity Inclusion & Bigger Picture.