2011: Diplomacy Beyond Wikileaks


7 – 14 October 2011

The second edition of the Diplomacy Festival, in collaboration with the Representation in Italy of the Commission and the European Parliament and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place from 8 to 14 October 2011, between Florence and Rome, with the provocative title “Diplomacy beyond Wikileaks”

We wanted to account for the complex articulation of today’s diplomatic actions as well as favoring the recognition of the action carried out by the Network in creating the balance of power in the world in which we live. The 2011 edition of Diplomacy, the first event ever organized on this topic, offers young people who are moving towards a career in international relations the opportunity to get in touch with many of its protagonists and to understand the secrets of today’s Foreign Policy in Italy, Europe and Worldwide.

Over 30 events, open to the public, during which we will try to give answers to foreign policy issues such as sustainable development and the fight against CO2 emissions, the support to growth carried out by International Sporting Events and Major Events, the needs of Security and the Fight against Terrorism and Discrimination, in the transition from a Diplomacy of Convenience to a Diplomacy of Coexistence.

Events dedicated to everyone, from the youngest to experienced professionals, aimed at giving an original picture of Diplomacy, which still influences the history and life of humanity today.