Is No Change an Option?


20 – 28 October 2022

The concept of change, in all its meanings, has never been so current, from climate transformations, among the great challenges of our time, to the new routes that the post-pandemic world will have to face in the transition towards new geopolitical and economic balances.

These dynamics will feed on profound contradictions and only an action of analysis and synthesis will allow us to understand which paths to take. From the balance of macro-powers, in a Europe orphaned by Merkel and in a world chessboard that some define as post-American, to the technological accelerations, between meta-verse and artificial intelligence, politics tries to offer intermediate answers which, however, will not be sufficient. to manage the transformations in progress. At the same time, awareness is growing of how the human dimension increasingly fuels the debate and it will be precisely this energy that will help understanding the future and its sustainability.

The XIII edition of the Festival “Transitions and Contradictions: Is No Change an Option?” will deepen these issues during 9 days of conferences, meetings and special events from 20 to 28 October 2022. The streaming contents will be broadcast on the Diplochannels and on the Youtube Channel of the Festival. For any information contact us!