The Writer’s Corner
All’Ombra del Dragone


In All’ombra del dragone. il Sudest asiatico nel secolo cinese, Sebastian Strangio takes us through the complex region of Southeast Asia, considering the geopolitical importance that this territory has assumed in recent years. As a target of Beijing’s imperialist aims, the ASEAN countries (all the eleven Southeast Asian nations except East Timor) were involved in the dangerous clash between the United States and China.

In this context, the author focuses on the actions of the Southeast Asian countries, each of which is doing everything that is possible not to become an enemy of the global superpowers, while still trying to get benefits from them. With a concise analysis – rich in historical details, and aware of the extraordinary diversity of the Asian region – the book explains in a clear and incisive way how each of the Southeast Asian nations is managing to secure its sovereignty and preserve its interests; how, through concessions and acrobatics, the countries of Southeast Asia are learning to live in the Dragon’s shadow.