Gira che ti rigira – Roundtrip of an intergalactic society Capitolo Extra


For fun and for real. An intergalactic journey. The estimated time for the arrival at the first planet of the nearest galaxy, could be quite a lot if it were possible to exploit the right space-time curvature. It could take a hundred thousand light years, as well as a few tens of Earth years. By escape or exploration, we could travel together with people initially distinguishable by geographic origin, social background and, not trivial circumstance, by the ability to use (or by enslavement to) exponential technologies. The generation of great-grandchildren that would arrive at destination, could be much different from the great-great-grandparents who embarked. The differences could concern not only the age but above all, new ways of saying, doing and being; even the language spoken by great-grandchildren at the time of disembarkation could change considerably. Generation after generation, the intergalactic society may close on itself, or may wish to open more than the great-great-grandparents. New social, cultural and environmental issues may emerge over the long journey. Now, anyone of us on board, he/she would be led to ask their-self existential questions and to experience political choices regarding the material and immaterial constitution of the new world, even before having set foot there and cultivated salad and San Martian tomatoes. In this conversations we pose a series of issues: which solution, in the meantime, could be useful to reflect on the world in which we live. Even if it’s just a game, this is a serious game. Even if it’s just a game, this is a serious game.